Daytwon Bennett

New York
Daytwon, was only 5 years old when he was starved
and beaten to death by his mother. His emaciated
body bore many signs of abuse, hardly a spot on
his body was free of bruises and welts. He had rope burns
on his wrists and welts that looked like he had been
burned by a cigarette or a hot iron. His stomach
was bloated and his ribs stuck out. An autopsy found
that little Daytwon had died of fatal abuse syndrome,
and neglected with starvation, malnutrition and multiple
blunt impact injuries. Daywton had contusions of the head,
torso and extremities, an injury to his spine and
wounds in various stages of healing. He weighed only 30 lbs.
and stood 3 feet nine. His mother Jocelyn would beat him
if he tried to get the baby's bottle or when the starving
little boy tried to get scraps of food from the table.
His 4 other siblings were well cared for. It is believed
that his mother targeted him because he was a special needs child.

Jocelyn Bennett 27 years old was charged
with murder.
UPDATE....Jocelyn was sentenced to life in prison.
She will not be eligible for parole for at least 17 years

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