Brenda Ann Leftwich

Little Brenda was just 4 years old when she was murdered by her mother and stepfather. Brenda had been choked to death. An autopsy found that Brenda had been tied, beaten, burned and bitten for month's on a regular basis, prior to her death. Her body was bruised from head to toe,
as well as cuts, punctures, burns and bite marks. There were
also squirrels in the room and the medical examiner believes
that many of the wounds were bites from the squirrels.
Her mother and stepfather said they did it to train her not to wet the bed.

A grand jury has voted to indict both Elizabeth Leftwich Jessie ,19 and Kenneth Ray Jessie, 34, on murder, felony homicide, and abuse charges.
UPDATE: MARCH 25, 1998.....Both Elizabeth and Kenneth have been sentenced to 50 years in prison.

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