Amy Burney

New York
5 year old Amy was murdered by her mother and grandmother. They believed that little Amy was possessed by the devil, and they wanted to exorcise the "demons out of her". So they forced her to drink a poisonous potion of, ammonia, vinegar, cayenne pepper, black pepper and olive oil. She was restrained and her mouth was taped shut, to prevent her from spitting it out. When Amy died her mother and grandmother wrapped her body in a plastic bag and kept it in a closet for about a week. Then they put her body outside with the trash to be picked up.

Rosa Wilkerson, 45 and Angelic Burney 25 were charged with one count each of second-degree murder, and depraved indifference.
UPDATE... Angelic was sentenced to 12-25 years
Parole Eligibility Date:  11/11/2009

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