Jordan Heikamp

Little Jordan, only 5 weeks old, was allegedly starved,
to death by his mother.

Renee Heikamp, 19 years old has been charged with
criminal negligence causing death.

UPDATE....Renee was a homeless 19 year old when she gave birth, to Jordan in a Toronto hospital in May 1997. Medical staff did identify Jordan and his mother as high risk and turned them over to the CCAS. Renee and Jordan were placed  in a Toronto
women's shelter, where they spent the next 27 days.
Jordan was rushed to hospital but died on arrival, a victim of "chronic starvation."
A Judge said everyone involved with the case -- from doctors and nurses  and the women's shelter -- seemed confused as to who was taking what role in caring for the baby.
 The Judge suggested Renee was a troubled woman, inexperienced in raising a baby. "How should Ms. Heikamp have known anything was wrong with Jordan when no one else did?"

Jordan's mother, Renee Heikamp, 22, and Toronto Catholic Children's Aid Society worker Angie Martin were charged with criminal negligence causing death but a judge threw out the case at a preliminary inquiry.

To see a picture of Jordan at the time of his death click on the link below please be warned that the pictures are heartbreaking,
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* my thoughts and feelings on this, how can someone not know that this little baby was starving, 
I am sure that everybody at the shelter ate.
"chronic"....continuing a long time or recurring frequently
"chronic"....constant; habitual
So what this means is that little Jordan, since he was born was
hardly ever fed. How could a mother not know that her baby is starving?
Having four children, I knew when my children were hungry. 
As for her age, don't even go there, I had my first child at the age of 16.

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