Desi Irving

Little Desi was just 3 years old when she was beaten to death by her
mother, because the little girl took candy from a dish without permission.
After she beat Desi, the poor little child lay shaking in the hallway, her mother put her in the shower trying to wake her up. She later called police when she thought little Desi stopped breathing. When the police arrived they found Desi dead on a couch. Little Desi has about 100 scars from new and old injuries, including burns and broken bones.
An autopsy showed that Desi had been struck multiple times, she also had what appeared marks from an extension cord, and burns from a cigarette lighter. Her mother admitted to hitting little Desi in the chest.

Mildred Irving, 29 years old was charged with first degree murder.
UPDATE... Mildred was sentenced to 40 years in prison.
During the trial she admitted beating  little
Desi with an electrical cord, twisting one of her arms until
it broke and hitting her in the abdomen so hard that her liver was lacerated.
An autopsy found that little Desi had suffered about a dozen broken
bones and multiple cigarette burns. She was also malnourished.

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