Samantha Zaldivar

New York
Little Samantha was just 7 years old when
she died. Her little body was found on May 23, 1997, in a field
not far from her home. She was murdered by her
mother's live-in-boyfriend. She had been suffocated
and sexually abused. She had been reported missing
three months earlier after failing to show up at her
bus stop.

Her mother Rachel Stra, pleaded innocent, was indicted by a
grand jury with first degree felonies of hindering the prosecution
 and tampering with evidence, was sent to county jail on
$100,000 bail. She faces up to 11 years in prison if convicted on both counts.
Angel Colon is charged with first degree murder, and has pleaded innocent to suffocating and sexually abusing Samantha.
They will seek the death penalty against Colon if he is found
UPDATE... Angel was sentenced to 25 years to life
This is from an email I received
Rachel Stra pled to a charge (either tampering with evidence or
of justice) and was immediately released from jail.  This plea was made
because the authorities knew that she did not participate in Samantha's
death or covering it up.  She was used as a pawn by law enforcement
officials to make Angel Colon plead guilty.
Rachel now has custody of her
other children back and is
trying to put her life back together. 
She no longer believes that 
Angel Colon is innocent.
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