Rita Denise Fisher

Rita was just 9 years old when she died. At the time of her death
she weighed just 47 lbs, had  been starved, beaten, she also
had 5 broken ribs and 70 bruises on her body.
Three people have been charged.
One of them being her sister's boyfriend. He had testified
that he had bound her wrists and ankles and tied her
to a dresser the night before she died, (why) because she
was picking a scab. Rita's mother and sister knew of this
abuse and did nothing. Little Rita died on June 25, 1997

Her mother Mary E Utley, 50 yeas old was sentenced
to 75 years in prison.
Her sister Rose Mary Fisher, 21 years old was sentenced
to 30 years in prison.
Her sisters boyfriend, Frank E Scarpola Jr., 22 years old
was sentenced to 95 years.

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