Nikolet, Raschell, Kristl & Jaqlene

These 4 little sisters, Nikolet, 12 years old, Rashell,
11 years old, Kristl, 7 years old and Jaqlene, 5 years old,
were murdered by their mother. She made like a slumber
party for them in the kitchen, where she turned on the natural
gas from the oven, killing all 4 girls. She then tried to cover up
the killing by setting a small fire that caused little damage.
She fled the house with her son, after calling 911.
She had murdered her 4 daughters because she was
upset over a court date to negotiate custody of
Kristl and Jaqlene.

Sandi Nieves, 34 years old is currently hospitalized in prison,
where she is yet to be arraigned on 4 counts of murder, with
special circumstances- which could make her
eligible for the death penalty.
UPDATE... Sandi has received the death penalty

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