Clayton Durham

Clayton was 12 years old when he died, he died from
blunt force trauma to the head which caused a brain
hemorrhage, this poor child also had scars and bruises
all over his body, he had recent bruises on his back and
buttocks. There were pressure sores on his knees and his
knees and toes had deeply infected open wounds on them,
a toenail was missing, A medical examiner said that the
knee and toe injuries may have resulted from
Clayton having to stand/ kneel on his knees ,
on a hard surface for many, many hours.

His father 36 years old Glenn Durham has been charged
with suspicion of murder. And Clayton's stepmother
Barbara Durham, 33 years old has been charged
with attempted murder and injury of a child.
Both are currently being held on a million dollars bond.
UPDATE:.........1-26-99 Glenn Durham has received 2 life terms,
one for murder and one for harming a child.
His stepmother Barbara received 20 years for
harming a child.
Much thanks to Cathie for letting me know
the outcome of this trial.

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