Bradley McGee

Bradley was 2 years old when he was murdered by his stepfather.
He died when he was plunged head first into a toilet.

Thomas Coe, 23 years old, was convicted of first degree murder
and aggravated child abuse. He was sentenced to life in prison
and  must serve 25 years before being eligible for parole.
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Sadly ... for Bradley

             By ~Marge Tindal~

             Did you see my picture in the paper?
             Did it spark in you a rage?
             As you read the story of my abuse
             emblazoned on the page?

             I was Bradley McGee.
             I was meek and I was mild.
             I was Bradley...
             the throw-away child.

             I hoped my mother would help me
             as the abuse continued to grow.
             But she didn't.
             Why?  I don't know.

             I am only one
             as the abusal maze goes.
             There are others out there like me...
             please help one of those.

             I am now an angel
             sitting at God's knee.
             I gazed at God and asked,
             "God, why me?"

             I looked God straight in the eye,
             and He didn't even flinch.
             I told God that Thomas Coe
             was one mean son-of-a-bitch.

             God held me gently in His arms
             and said, "Bradley, there is evil still...
             but I promise you, my child,
             if 'Old Sparky' don't get him...
             the devil will."

             *Sadly for Bradley, Thomas Coe didn't get the electric chair.

             But just wait until hell gets through with him !

             And again, one little heart beats no more. ~Marge Tindal~