Please note...All of the children on these pages were or
allegedly were
murdered by a parent, guardian or caretaker
 I am sure that these angels had family and
friends who were devastated over their death.
I wish to offer my deepest sympathy to each and
every one of them.

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May they find the peace in Heaven that they did not have on Earth

Here are some horrifying statistics according to U.S.
Advisory Board on Child Abuse and  Neglect,
     2000 children, under age 5, are deliberately murdered
by their parents/legal guardians
every year.
More Stats
Child fatalities are the most tragic consequence of maltreatment
Approximately 1,200 children died of abuse or neglect in the year 2000
A rate of 1.71 children per 100,000 children in the population.
The increase in the rate of fatalities compared to earlier
years is hypothesized to be largely attributable to improved reporting.
Youngest children were the most vulnerable.
Children younger than one year old accounted for 44 percent
of child fatalities and 85 percent of child fatalities
were younger than 6 years of age.