Tinning Children

May 31,1967 - March 2,1972

January 10,1970 - January 20,1972

December 26,1971 - January 3,1972

November 21,1973 -December 10,1973

March 30,1975 -September 2,1975

Michael (adopted)
August 3,1978 - March 2,1981

Mary Frances
October 29,1978 -February 22, 1979

November 19,1979 -March 24,1980

Tami Lynne
August 22,1985 -December 20,1985

Their mother,Marybeth Tinning confessed to 
killing three of her nine children,
by smothering them with her bed pillow,but prosecutors only
 charged her with smothering her last child,Tami Lynne.
She was convicted in 1987 and sentenced
to 20 years to life in prison.

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