The story of the Butterbox Babies, began in the 1920's.
Lila and William Young, provided a safe haven for unwed mothers,
The Ideal Maternity Home.
They would charge women anywhere from $300.00 - $500.00 for services rendered.
 They would then charge American couples up to  $10,000 to adopt a child.
What went on inside the home was horrible.
The sickly,etc.,were fed a diet of water and molasses until they gave up life.
The little babies would only survive about two weeks.
The babies were buried in unmarked graves, both on or around the
 property where the home existed as well as around the countryside.
It is reported that some were secretly dumped at sea, as well as
  reported that some were even cremated in the furnaces of the home.
The Young's were forced to hire a registered nurse, to help out as word got out about
the conditions going on in the home.

 80 little babies wet and dirty, were kept in a small fly infested room with this one nurse.
And they never took the babies out.
It is estimated that between 100 - 400 babies could have died...or made to die there.
And about 1000 of the babies were placed in adoption homes.
As of today some of the survivors have found their birth family or trying to find them.

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