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Messages for Kendia
Leah Seslar
Sweet baby girl- rest in peace
anne - australia
you poor sweet thing
Kaye Matteson
 Poor, Poor baby!
Maddison & Jack Herbert
 Know words can descibe the sadness our mummy felt when reading your story.
Allison Elizabeth
 Kendia, I would have given you more if I could. I would give
you more peace, more love, and more security. But the Lord is giving you
in death everything you missed in life.
The Murvine Family
You are loved rest in peace little one.
Webmor DK
 You are safe now in the hands of GOD! May you rest in peace...
sweet little innocent angel.
Mimi Mala
Makes no sence!! There is a place for people like dis! Kendia
u r truely an Angel and a soilder. God Bless..Amen

 rest in peace
Barbara Powels Bowen
I am building a web page for the children that were taken from
us and have dedicated a page to Kendia.  I never heard about this on
national news, why.  I was just surfing and found a couple of pages
regarding her brutal untimely death.
May God Bless you and all of our children.

Alana Charisse
 Precious Baby.. I lived nearby at the sametime you were
treated this way. I remember the helicopters flying over my house when that
horrible woman lied to the police and said you had been kidnapped. Even
though I never knew you, I was worried about you. I remeber your
beautiful face, splashed all over the news, with your big pretty eyes and
smile. And I remember the sickened feeling I had when I heard what had
happened to you. I saw your Mommy's reaction on the news upon hearing what
had happened to her baby.. I will never forget her face or the scream
that she let out over and over again. Even though I had never met you
and you weren't my child, I felt her pain. I remember the excuse that
wench gave for your death. She told the police that she beat you like that
because you had wet on yourself. I remember all the details of your
death, the beating that you took. I was at the mall the day your
stepmother claimed you were missing. Someone handed me a flier with your !
face on it and asked me if I had seen you. I remember staring at it and
telling the person, no I hadn't seen you. I remember your stepmother
acting as if she was so concerned about your dissappearance. And then
later on in the week finding out the truth about what happened to you.  I
wanted nothing more at that moment than to go back in time to that mall
when I saw her, when she was that close to me and I could have killed
her with my bare hands. I wish I had seen you out playing one day and
took you into my home and never let you go back to those people. I would
have kept you safe with me until your Mommy could come and get you. I
will always be disgusted by what happened to you, beautiful child. And
even though I know I couldn't have done all the things I wish I could
have done for you,I still wish I could have done something. You are safe
now, and no one can hurt you ever again.... Rest In Peace and Be happy with the Lord
I love you

Kerri Ray
I really dont get how anyone could possibly do that to a poor
innocent child. The poor little girl was so helpless.
Karen Champion N.S. Canada
You are sadly mourned, beloved one. The Lord will avenge thee.
Those who harm the innocent will be punished on Judgement day. Rest in
peace little angel.

God is your daddy and all the angels will play with you now, Kendia

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