Justina Morales

Little Justina just 8 years old died a most horrible death. She died at the hands
of her mother and her mother's boyfriend. The boyfriend sexually abused
Justina with a hammer. When Justina refused to bathe, it infuriated
the boyfriend, Luis, so he filled the bathtub with water and with the help
of Justina's mother, Denise, they tried to drown the little girl, but she fought to hard.
Luis now more madder than ever started to beat her with his fist's. He then
tried to smother her with a pillow. When that didn't work he told her mother
to sit against a wall, he then forced Justina to lie on her back with her head
between her mothers legs. While little Justina was holding onto her mother's
hand and looking into her eyes, Luis laid on top of Justina and with duct tape,
wrapped it around her nose and mouth. Poor Justina slowly suffocated to death,
looking into her own mothers eyes, holding her hand. They threw her body away
and it still has never been found. No one even realized that this poor little angel
was missing for almost a year.

Denise Solero, will serve NO TIME...for her testimony against Luis. If Luis Santiago is
found guilty he can receive a life sentence.
UPDATE... Luis was sentenced to the maximum term of six to 19 years

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