Kendia Lockhart

Little Kendia was only 4 years old when her little body was found
in a shallow grave, her body had been burned and her arms were cut off. Kendia had died from a blow to her head, her little body was covered with scars and bruises, her poor little body even had a shoe print on it. Both her father and stepmother were arrested.

Ken Antonio Wilkinson, 26 years old and Roselere Wilkinson, 23 years old were charged with first degree murder.
Death was caused by her stepmother repeatedly throwing Kendia against a wall until a door fitting pierced her head.
Her little body was then dismembered by her father and her remains were burned.
UPDATE.... Ken and Roselere have both received 30 years.
Judge Ronald Dresnick said, "It's beyond words. If there were more I could give you, I would."

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