Jordan Turner

When little Jordan was born, his mother allegedly
squeezed him to death, then placed his tiny body inside of a gym bag, which she place inside of a electrical closet
 on their apartment balcony, where his little
 body laid there for 4 months.
Her husband found the bag with the baby's skeletal remains
and bought them to the police. It was her husbands
understanding that she had gotten an abortion.
She told police she did it because they could not afford
another child, Jordan being their 5th child.

Theresa R. Turner, 32 years old  was charged with second degree murder. She was ordered held without bond Monday pending a psychological examination.
UPDATE..... after this page was created I have learned
that Theresa will not be charged, as the state has no evidence, only her
confession, which will not hold up in court. 

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