Sweet Little Angel
(this little angel had no name so I will call her
Sweet Little Angel)

In the few short hours that Sweet Little Angel
lived she suffered a lifetime of horrors. This little baby was
stuffed inside a plastic bag and thrown into a canal, the bag she
was in got caught on a metal grate. A project worker picked up
the bag and not knowing that it contained this poor little baby,
left the bag on the bank with other trash.
Hungry animals came along and gnawed off her tiny leg.
A man walking his dog, found this little baby.
An autopsy showed the baby, was born alive.
She was 12 to 24 hours old when she died.
Police are investigating whether the baby
was killed before she was placed in the canal,
or whether she died inside the plastic bag.

It is not known at this time who has done this
to this little baby.

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Sweet Little Angel