Deven Harper

Deven was only 3 years old when he died.
Little Deven had been punched hard
in his stomach, causing his intestines to rupture.
This little boy suffered for 5 days from an infection,
from the ruptured intestines, causing his death.
A medical examiner testified that Deven's little
body was covered with bruises, cuts and scrapes.
He also suffered a skull fracture at about the
same time he was punched.

Allison Harper, his stepmother is on trial for his murder.
She reportedly admitted to having punched him, but
her lawyers are arguing that she a woman could not
have hit a child that hard and is saying that maybe Deven's
father caused Deven's death.
A jury has convicted her only of a misdemeanor
count of negligence. Which carries a maximum
sentence of 60 days.

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