Tausha Lanham

West Virginia
Little Tausha was only 7 years old and weighed
less than 12 pounds when she died. She was barred
from eating sandwiches or snacks, Tausha was so
hungry that she would steal food from the pet's bowls.
When she got caught doing that she was slapped or
struck with a long handled spoon. When she would cry
out from being beat she was barricaded in a tiny alcove which
was off  kitchen or she was locked in her bedroom.
Her little body was found on the side of a road,
wrapped in a sheet inside garbage bags.
An autopsy concluded that she died from,
severe malnutrition due to starvation.

Her mother, Michelle Tharp, 29 years old, has been
charged with homicide, endangering the welfare of a child,
concealing the death of a child and abuse of a corpse.
Her live in boyfriend, Douglas Bittinger ,25 years old was
also charged as well, with a charge of aggravated assault.
Both are currently being held without bond.
UPDATE...Michelle has been sentenced to death

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