Madison Gunderson

Little Madison was just 3 months old when she died.
She suffocated beneath a pillow and a queen-size comforter
smothered to death in a filthy apartment. An autopsy says her 
 head lay under the weight of a queen-sized comforter and a pillow. 
Little Madison gained only 3 pounds from birth.Her parents usually fed her by propping a bottle against her , where she would fall asleep many nights slumped against a dirty pillow because they were too tired to cuddle her. 
During the investigation of her death, the police found
that she had a one year old son, who was malnourished.

Melissa Gunderson, 23 years old was charged with child abuse,
resulting in  death. She spent one month in jail, then
was freed on bail. She was sentenced to 18 YEARS PROBATION.
And her one year old son was returned to her.

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