Christopher Gardner

Little Christopher was only 3 year's old, he was beaten
and tortured for 3 hours before he died. His mother, her
boyfriend and his mother's landlord allegedly beat this poor child
because they accused him of stealing candy from one of
them. They scaled him with hot water, extinguished
cigarettes on his body, punched and kicked him. An
autopsy disclosed he had a fractured jaw, broken arm,
bite marks, a lacerated liver and a collapsed lung. Also he
had the cigarette burns on his body. Authorities said it took
about three hours during the autopsy to count the number
of bruises and abrasions to his body, they also said that
there was probably not one part of his little body that was
not touched or beaten.

His mother Tracie Ann Irwin, 27 years old, her
boyfriend William Banker, 33 years old , and Tracie's
landlord Jeanna Lynn Lester, 31 years old have all
been charged with second degree murder.

UPDATE..Tracie and William were both given
life sentences without the possibilty of parole.
Jeanna  is serving 3½ to 7 years in prison for
first-degree assault for her part in Christopher's death.
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