Ramon Fausto & Vanessa Blake

Ramon 12 years old, and his sister Vanessa 9 years old, were
murdered by their mother. She had tried to kill all 3 of of children
but the oldest John, 14 years old managed to escape. Their mother, Kelly asked them if they wanted to play a game, she then blindfolded them and took them to a shed in their yard. While they were inside, she doused the inside with gasoline and lit it on fire. She left the shed holding the door closed from the outside while the children were burning to death inside. John managed to push past his mother. Who was pouring gasoline on herself and setting herself on fire. Little Vanessa died while in the shed, Ramon managed to live for 24 hours, he died in the hospital asking, how could mom do this to us.

Kelly Blake, 34 years old is currently in the hospital, in critical
condition, with severe burns.
UPDATE: Kelly was sentenced to life in a state mental hospital.

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