Genny Rojas

 Little Genny was only 3 1/2 years old when she died.
She died at the hands of her Aunt and Uncle whom
she had been living with. They held this poor little child
under scalding water in the bathtub.
The water was so hot that it peeled the skin from her little body.
They both held her down until she died.

Ivan Gonzalez, 31 years old was sentenced to death, and is currently
on death row. Veronica Gonzalez, 28 years old, is still on trial and
could also receive the death penalty.
UPDATE: 8-9-98......Veroncia Gonzalez has received a
death penalty sentence.
During her trial it was revealed the little Genny had
been forced to live in a box 6 months prior to
her death, and had been regularly hanged by her
hands from a hook in a closet, and was consistently
burned with a hair dryer. When she was forced into
the tub she was held there for two hours, while her
skin slowly peeled from her body.

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