Faith St. Yves

Little Faith was only 1 month old when she was suffocated
to death by her father. He murdered her because she would
not stop crying, so he put blankets over her head, then pushed her
little face down into the back of the couch. He stated that he knew
that by doing that he could kill her. His wife Denise, wrapped little
Faith's body in plastic bags and blankets then placed her in
a cardboard box. They then placed the box in a front room of their
mobile home. The police found her little body 3 weeks later, when
they had came to the house for some other matter.

 UPDATE.....Thomas St. Yves was sentenced to 20 years ,
and six years probation after his release.
Denise St. Yves was sentenced
to 11 months for helping hide Faiths body.

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