Welcome to the Little Angels in Heaven FAQ
I put this page together to answer many of the questions
I have been asked :)

Q. Do you have to pay to adopt an angel?
A. No there is never a charge 

Q. Where do you find your information?
A. It is sent to me through email, newspapers, online
and books.
Q. If I send you a story of a child that I knew was murdered will you make a page for them?
A. Only if you can send me a newspaper article or
some other proof that it really happened.
Q. I am doing a term or research paper for school, can
I use the stories on your pages for reference?
A. Yes you can
Q. Can I put a link to your page on my page?
A. Yes, please do, as it helps spread the word
of child abuse and to remember these Little Angels in Heaven.
Q. Do you have a banner or logo I could use to put on 
on my web site to link to you?
A. Yes, you can choose which one you like, and link it to this

Q. Are you a group or organization?
A. Nope, just one person, me

Q. Are these stories true?
A. Sadly they are all true. I would have better things to
do with my time than to put up fake stories.

Q. Who are you? You must be an angel:)
No Just Dawn from Long Island, NY

Why a page like this?
To help spread awareness of what is
happening to so many of our children.

Don't you think it is morbid?
NO, not at all

Q. What do I get for having adopted a guardian angel?
A. Well I would hope that it will make you more aware of
child abuse deaths , to remember the child that you had adopted 
a guardian angel for, if you use them on your web page or in your email,
that would be great, it would be a way for their little voices to be heard and their stories to be told, not just be another statistic.

Q .Don't you think that the family of a child might be upset by seeing their page ? And would you take it down if they asked?
A. I have received email from family members of some of the children.
99% were very supportive of the page. 1% was not.
And no I wont take the page down. All the information
on the child's page is from a story in some newspaper or book,
information that has been made public and read by many people.
Its not like I went searching for some dark secret in somebody's private life and put it on the internet for hundreds to see.